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Up until now, Russia has continued to use mercenaries and military personnel for provocations. Despite the Minsk agreement and declaration of a cease-fire and withdrawal of weapons, fighters systematically shelled the city, the APU position and engaged in kidnapping and torture. In addition, factories and enterprises which were built by Ukraine are trafficked in Russia. Russia deliberately trying to destroy the infrastructure of Donbass and make him a terrorist ulcer, which will prevent normal living across the whole country. The UN estimates that the death toll in the conflict in eastern Ukraine has exceeded 9000 people, including 2000 civilians, many of whom appear to have died as a result of indiscriminate rocket and mortar attacks on the militants.

The torture and murder of prisoners

Putin's militants are not just committing war crimes by killing civilians and torturing prisoners also by mocking of dead bodies. Best known among the terrorists Russian Federation citizen Alexei Milchakov fighting in the so-called DSHRG "Rusich". The Nazis included in this division militants have been repeatedly seen not only in the torture of prisoners and the shooting of unarmed Ukrainian military, but in mockery of dead bodies. Thus in February 2015 after the capture of Debaltsevo Milchakov's unit cut the face to the Ukrainian military.
The enemy caught unawares Ukrainian checkpoint in the village of Krasny Partizan. 12 or 13 Ukrainian soldiers were forced to surrender. Twelve of them were put to the wall of the house, which served as their last refuge. Five of them have been shot there three other died of wounds right on the site. One who shot took video of the crime scene after the shooting occurred. The bodies of the dead were dumped a heap on the roadside so that they could be picked up by truck. Then there was one more body. The executioners filmed the body again to demonstrate their "achievements".
In august 2014 "Rusich" militants shot down the column of "Aydar" fighters, the captives and the wounded were finished off with headshots. Later they posted in social networks photographs with their "heroism".

Terrorist attacks on the Ukrainian territory

Since the beginning of the military aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine for a number of cities in the country there was a huge number of attacks with civilian casualties. In April 2014 in Odessa Russian saboteurs started to blow up military enlistment offices, offices of voluntary organizations, the offices of PrivatBank and infrastructure. Only by good fortune in consequence of explosion no one was hurt. In Kharkov 24 terrorist attack were commited in which were injured and killed people.

February 22nd, 2015

Undermining of Ukrainian meeting

In honor of the the Revolution of Dignity anniversary peaceful inhabitants of the city came out to march. Militants detonated an explosive directed action device, because of which 4 people were killed and 9 injured. The attack killed a well-known activist of the Kharkov Igor Tolmachev and police colonel Rybal'chenko who came from the city of Pervomaisk by ATC instructions to organize the meeting support.

January 19th, 2015

Court undermining

January 19th, 2015 after the meeting in the case of pro-Ukrainian activist in the Moscow district court of Kharkiv there was an explosion. Militants had a goal to escalate by explosion conflict between the authorities and volunteers. 14 people were injured. All of them were Ukrainian nationalists.

November 9th, 2014

Cafe undermining

In the evening in a rock pub "The Wall" was detonated an explosive device which injured 11 people.

The participation of children in hostilities

OSCE observers recorded at "DNR" checkpoints 14-year-old kids with guns in their hands. Rebel leader Alexander Zakharchenko confirms this he told reporters that in the "Oplot" unit, which he commanded personally, they have the men at age of 14, which already have a reward for participation in hostilities.

February 10th, 2016


February 10th 2016 militants mined land near the road on which people were going to the free Ukrainian territory through the "Novomihaylovka" checkpoint. As a result of bus explosion which was riding to Kurakhovo four people were killed.

February 11th, 2015 - The shelling of the bus station

On February 11th in Donetsk, militants fired bus station with mortars which is located in the city center. Shells hit several minibuses. Killed drivers and passengers. 4 people were injured. It is worth noting that all the shelling of Donetsk were held solely for the prosecution of Ukrainian army in them. However, civilians have stated that the city is shelled by "DNR" special garbage truck, converted under mortar carriage. A few months later the local "militia" really caught people shelled the city. They were Russian citizens.

February 10th, 2015. The bombardment of Kramatorsk

February 10th, 2015 pro-Russian forces carried out the shelling of residential areas by missiles multiple launch rocket systems "Tornado" of Kramatorsk and military airport near the city. 17 civilians were killed and 64 people wounded, including 5 children.

January 30th, 2015. The line for humanitarian aid shelling

January 30th Russian gangs in Donetsk fired at people who came for humanitarian aid. The mines got into the line of people. Five were killed, 13 injured

January 24th, 2015. The shelling of Mariupol

January 24, 2015 in the morning, militants in order to intimidate the civilian population and Ukrainian soldiers committed cold-blooded shelling of Mariupol. Housing estate was shelted with multiple rocket launchers "Grad" and "Uragan" from the territory "DNR". It was reported about shell hits on the Olympiyskaya and Kieveskaya streets, between schools number 5 and 69, also the shells exploded in the vicinity of the "Denis" and "Kievsky" market. Immediately after the fire people began to leave the areas where the shelling was carried out. In the evening and during the day the terrorists repeatedly shelled the city. As a result of shells falling 53 multi-storey and 37 private houses were damaged. In settlements Pavlopol and Sartana three substations were destroyed, which is why in the "East" neighborhood was partially stopped the supply of electricity and water. As a result of shells hit 14 fire were detected. 31 people killed, 117 wounded.

January 22nd, 2015

The shelling of the bus stops in Donetsk by Russian military

January 22nd Russian troops fired with mortars the public transport stop "Plant Dongormash" in Leninsky district of Donetsk, killing 8 and injuring 13 residents.
January 13th, 2015 at a checkpoint near the village of Bugas under Volnovaha during the "Grad" shelling 13 civilians were killed, 18 people were injured. They all were going to Zlatoustovku by bus from Donetsk. "DNR" militants almost immediately recognized that the terrorist act was committed by their representatives. However, after it became aware of the scale and the number of victims the terrorists began to deny any involvement. The projectile that killed civilians was released by militants from the territory of Dokuchaevsk which is under their control. More information here

The shelling of civilians for the sake of intimidation

Insurgents constantly shelled territories under their control and then blame the APU. Artillery and mortar fire of the Russian occupation army also destroyed many settlements on the territory which was controlled by Kiev. August 18th, 2014 terrorists fired a column of refugees from Chrashchevatogo and Novosvitlivka Luhansk region. During derivation of civilians from villages gunmen opened fire using "Grad" and mortars. 15 civilians, including women and children, were burned alive in the cars.

Religious wars

The so-called insurgents of "Russian Orthodox army", cossacks and Russian military personnel was involved in the persecution of infidels. Since June 8th, 2014 in Slavyansk at Pentecost after the service in the premises of Christians of Evangelical Faith Church "Transfiguration of Christ" broke the Russian Orthodox militants and the army arrested the Deacon Vladimir Velichko and Victor Bradarskogo and two adult sons senior pastor - Reuben and Albert Pavenko. Christians were accused in crimes against the "DNR" and the support of the Ukrainian army. On June 9th terrorists executed their prisoners.

Terror of civilians

Thus, on April 17th was kidnapped Gorlovka City Council deputy Vladimir Rybak. Patriot attempted to remove the "DNR" flag and set the Ukrainian, but was blocked by protesters and approached to help them people in camouflage with poppies on their heads. He was detained and taken away in an unknown direction with Girkin people. A few days later two bodies of men were found in the Seversky Donets. They were Rybak and a student from Kiev who arrived in the Slavyansk to visit his relatives and also fell into the hands of militants. On the bodies of victims were found traces of burns, abrasions, puncture wounds, moreover, the men had ripped open stomachs. Forensic experts have noted that they were also thrown alive into the river.

International non-governmental organizations recorded at least 26 points, where militants have placed filtration camps and mass graves of people. Prisoners actively used to hard labor for the fortifications construction and for removing the property of enterprises of Ukraine to the Russian Federation. As a result of search operations in areas of the former location of field camps of pro-Russian militants found a large number of mass graves with bodies with clear signs of torture. Part of the deceased could not be identified due to the incredible tortures. Illegal detention and theft of people began in Slavyansk and is still going on. During the war thousands of people, from journalists, to representatives of the OSCE mission have been captured by militants.

In Zugres terrorists tied to a pole man volunteer from battalion "Donbass". Militants stormed to his house in the morning arrested him and his wife. More than a year a fighter with the call sign "Zugres" was held captive by the militants. He was tortured, transported from the "DNR" to the "LNR", where he was passed into slavery by Cossacks. Many times threatened to shoot.
A similar incident occurred on August 25th near motel in Donetsk at terrorists checkpoint was tied Irina Dovgan Yasinovataya resident to a pole with a Ukrainian flag. On the breast of the woman was a plaque with the inscription "She is killing our children. Punishers Agent". It turned out that in Dougan's house was a diesel generator. When the city was without light for three days, militants broke to her house and found that she supports Ukraine. Three days later she was released. The victim said that the militants kept her in the room where she was tortured by Chechens.

August 2014. Ilovajskij boiler, torture of prisoners and unarmed soldiers

After the successful liberate operations of cities of Donetsk and Lugansk regions APU fighters have become a serious threat to the existence of pseudo-republics what Russia could not afford. Therefore, on August 22nd terrorist groups under Ilovaisk seriously strengthen with whole troops of Russian regular army. From territory of Russia and controlled by rebels for several days were massive shelling of area of Saur-Tomb-Uspenka-Amvrosievka. Russian army came from this direction all the time. On August 24th Ukrainian military entered the town, which became the center of a large boiler. The militants have resorted to the tactics accumulated during the Chechen war - "scorched earth". Artillery "ironed" each square of land, destroying the city with civilians and Ukrainian military. According to the agreement, surrounded members of National Guard and the APU units should come out of the boiler on the humanitarian corridor which Russian army in cold blood shot out of all kinds of guns. In August 2015, the chief military prosecutor Anatoly Matios promulgated lists of Ukrainian soldiers who died in the Ilovaisk tragedy. In the list were names of 209 soldiers, 157 still remain unidentified. 158 people are missing. Quite number of soldiers were captured by the Russians. The wounded often were not provided with necessary assistance. They were abused and tortured. Some were taken for interrogation by Russian FSB. Several people, according to Ukrainian volunteers, are still on the territory of the Russian Federation in slavery. August 24th, the Independence Day of Ukraine in Donetsk held a parade of prisoned APU fighters. About 50 wounded and exhausted of war were walking by the main street. At the same time convoy did not prevent the furious and woozy with propaganda people throwing eggs, tomatoes and a bottles of water on prisoners. In fact, the abuse of prisoners in the "DNR" and "LNR" are systemic.

May 11th, 2014

Sergei Litvinov Arrest

Sergey Litvinov was arrested on August 22, 2014 in the Rostov region. He is accused for murder as well as the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare. He can be sentenced 8 to 20 years in prison.
July 17th local residents have noticed not issued by them so far setting, which was identified as SAM "Buk". Coming from territory of captured Donetsk, complex passed through Makeyevka and went to the side of Snezhnoye. At 16:40 the plane carrying out flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, crashed over the Donbass. On board were 298 people, including 83 children. No one survived. When Russian military shot down the plane, they immediately declared that the military shot down Ukrainian freighter. When they realized that the board was a civilian attempted to shift the blame on Ukraine. There is a huge number of evidences of fact that Russia stands for the killing of 298 innocent people. However, the Kremlin has persistently accusing Kiev. Diplomats of Russia hinder the inquiry to block the creation of an international tribunal and try to evade responsibility. At the same time an international commission and Bellingcat organization found that the installation ran the soldiers of the 53rd air defence missile brigade, based at Kursk. On the morning of July 18th rocket launcher "Buk" was driven by Lugansk and then across the border with Ukraine.

July 2014. The shellings from Russian territory

After the end of the armistice Ukrainian military went into the attack on the line of collision. Border guards and military units tried to control the border and to restrain the occupants flow. Night from 10th to 11th of July, from Gukovo and Kujbyshevo (Rostov region) Russian soldiers opened fire on the positions of the "Border" tactical group. ATO forces were crushed. In addition, from the side of so-called "DNR" and "LNR" were pulled together considerable militants forces who had already left the Slav'ansk and had a proactive advantage. Soldiers of 24th, 72nd mechanised and 79th airmobile brigades border guards and NSU were surrounded. On July 16th from the Russian territory were shelled with artillery strongpoint tactical groups of 79 teams in Dmitrievka area. Until the beginning of August ATO soldiers were surrounded, without providing sufficient food and ammunition, and Russia led massive bombardments. Under the onslaught of invaders law enforcement agencies had to retreat, and the Russians have many tens nobody controlled the border, through which the flow continues to go heavy weapons.

June 17th, 2014

Nadezhda Savchenko capture

The local "militia" and the Russians raided the Battalion "Aydar", where Hero of Ukraine served. The girl was taken as prisoner. FSB were interested in her personality and forcibly took her to Russia. Nadezhda was accused that she adjusted the artillery shelling of Luhansk, during which Russian journalists were killed. Contrary to fact that Savchenko is the representative of Ukraine in the PACE and is subject to diplomatic immunity, the Russian authorities do not release a woman for more than a year. Court refuses to take into account Nadezhda's facts of innocence. She faces up to 20 years in prison.

July 2014

Border capture and the invasion of armored vehicles

During the offence of APU terrorists suffered heavy losses, so they needed a lot of support from the Russian Federation. That is why the occupiers threw massively armored vehicles and personnel to aid the militants. June 12th APU blocked three columns with ammunition and food in Luhansk region, also they made a raid almost throughout whole site boundaries, which are not controlled. At the border from the uncontrolled territories were happening battles with the terrorists. On June 19th Russian occupation forces for the first time surpassed systems "Grad" to support terrorists. They drove through the checkpoint "Dolzhansky". The militants began attacking the Ukrainian military across the border line, because they had to keep the flow of supplies from the Russian Federation.

July 17th, 2014

The arrest of Alexander Kol'chenko

Kol'chenko Alexander was arrested on May 16th 2014 by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation on terrorism charges. After a while Kol'chenko moved to Moscow to the remand prison in Lefortovo. May 30th FSB reported about the Kol'chenko's detention along with three other people. According to the FSB they are all members of the "Right Sector". August 25ер, 2015 the North Caucasus district military court sentenced Kol'chenko Alexander to 10 years in prison for participating in a banned organization and preparing of "terrorist acts."

July 14th, 2014

Shot down of IL-76

Approximately at 01:10 military transport aircraft Il-76 of the 25th Military Transport Aviation Brigade of the Air Force of Ukraine during landing in "Lugansk" airport was hit from MANPADS "needle". On board were 40 paratroopers of 25-th separate Dnepropetrovsk Airborne Brigade and 9 crew members. As a result of the shelling they all died. The military sent them to help the paratroopers who were defending Lugansk Airport.

May 11th, 2014

The arrest of Oleg Sentsov

Oleg Sentsov was arrested May 11, 2014 the Federal Security Service on suspicion of terrorism. After a while Sentsova moved to Moscow in the detention center at Lefortovo. According to the FSB, the main purpose of the suspect was committing sabotage and terrorist acts in Simferopol, Sevastopol and Yalta; in particular, the explosions in the night from 8 to 9 May 2014 improvised explosive devices near the "memorial Eternal Flame" and a monument to Lenin in Simferopol, as well as arson, "Russian community of Crimea" Public Organization and representation "United Russia" party in Simferopol on 14 and April 18, 2014. August 25, 2015 the North Caucasus District Military Court sentenced Sentsova to 20 years' imprisonment in a strict regime colony

May 9th, 2014

The arrest of Alexei Cirnii

Alex Cirnii was arrested on May 9th, 2014 one of the first defendants in the "Crimean case". He was accused for terrorism and illegal acquisition and possession of explosives. In late May Cirnii was transferred to the Moscow jail "Lefortovo". He can be sentenced to 20 years in prison.

May 9th, 2014

The arrest of Gennady Afanasiev

Gennady Afanasiev arrested on May 9th, 2014. The Russian investigation accused him of participating in a terrorist group "Right Sector", two arsons in Simferopol and the preparation of the two explosions. Afanasiev allegedly participated in the coordination of the production of bombs. Sentenced to 7 years of prison.

May 6th, 2014

Arrest of Yuri Yatsenko

Yuri Yatsenko was arrested May 6th, 2014. A young man came along with a friend to the Kursk region, where he was arrested during a document check. Against him was opened a criminal case under Part. 1, Art. 226.1 (explosives smuggling) and Part. 2, Art. 222 (illegal purchase and possession of explosives by group of persons) of the Criminal Code of Russia. Sentenced to 7 years of prison.

May 2014. Donetsk airport capture.

While terrorists rampaged in some cities of Luhansk and Donetsk regions, in Donetsk maintained relative silence in terms of absence of hostilities. May 26th armed terrorists, including Kadyrov's men who arrived in the Donbass, made their way into the building named after Sergei Prokofiev International Airport and captured it. Kiev put an ultimatum to release strategic object, but the militants did not go on this move. In addition, one of the terrorists aimed with MANPADS on the plane. Then sniper of 3rd separate special purpose regiment opened fire on him to defeat. It has started the fight, during which the Ukrainian military conducted a brilliant operation to free airport. The terrorists killed many civilians. For example, from the registrar of the airport Market Station was shelled. A woman and a young man were killed. A large number of dead was at the airport, since the militants were shooting indiscriminately.

April 2014. The capture of the city by the Russian military, the use of "human shields" and attacks on civilian towns

April 2014

While in Donetsk were riots, the Russians decided to grab one of the most strategically important bridgehead for the offensive - Slavyansk. The city, which is actually at the intersection of the main roads linking the three regions - Kharkiv, Luhansk and Donetsk. April 12 militants in the face of the Russian military, capture before the Crimea, as well as Russian Cossack mercenaries, stormed the city police department. Before capture, according to local residents, the terrorists lived in one of the churches of the UOC MP of the city. The same day, the terrorists got many weapons had been stored for the Interior Ministry building, took control of the SSU space and the city executive committee. At the entrance to the city were put up roadblocks. April 13 morning, the security forces launched anti-terrorist operation for the liberation of Slavyansk. Militants have used local residents as "human shields." Exposing civilians, mostly women and children in front of him, the terrorists opened fire on employees of the SBU, which arrived at the checkpoint. The first died in the war proved to be the captain of the SBU security official Gennady Bilichenko. Four law enforcement officers were injured. In addition, the Russians brutalized looking everywhere "fascists", the car shot with civilians. Two people were killed. In parallel with the capture of Slavic group of armed Russians acted in Kramatorsk and Red Liman. In other cities of the region, especially close to the border with Russia, the militants have established their power without bloodshed. It started a long armed conflict. Terrorists Russia provided weapons, food and food. The militants began their favorite tactics - provoking retaliatory fire at the APU. SAU and mortars installed near residential home, schools and kindergartens. Among them were shelling positions of the Ukrainian army. When the terrorists realized that the security forces will not fire on the city, they began to leave the territory between law enforcement agencies and localities. Shot at APU, and then turns gun and imitated "otvetku". Thus, 30 houses and four schools were destroyed. The exact number of civilians killed during the shelling of militants unknown.

April 6-16, 2014. The assault of the SBU in Lugansk, the proclamation of LNR

In Lugansk, April 6 militants stormed the SBU. Grab the building was very simple because of the inaction security forces. Moreover, the weapon is in the building. A considerable number of rifles and pistols present in the hands of pro-Russian militants and without capturing Munitions - Russia has begun delivery of "small." The leader of the attackers announced that it reached an agreement for the release of the detainees before 6 separatists. SBU released them from custody. April 11 militants on behalf of the Joint Staff of the South-East of the army said that the Lugansk regional council must gather the session and adopt a document which would be proclaimed "LC". As in Donetsk, the terrorists wanted to hold a referendum and fueled hopes that Russia will take them as Crimea. Three days later, the protesters held a rally near the building of Regional State Administration, where "the people" expressed "confidence" of power. A 16 April nowhere grafted "president" of South-East Anatoly Vizier, who was previously head of the Court of Appeal, urged Russia to invade and annex the Donbass. Despite the presence of "president" of April 21, gunmen chose a "people's governor". They became Valery Bolotov. on April 27 a rally proclaimed terrorists "LC" and the "white house" was captured two days later. At the same time the police put on the shape of St. George ribbon and declared loudly that support the "republic."

April 25th, 2014

The last pre-war patriots demonstration

April 25th in Donetsk was the last pre-war patriots meeting. Marchers were attacked by people armed with bats and police shields. About 40 people were injured. Five still missing.

April 2014

The proclamation of "republics"

A month after the start of the pro-Russian revolts situation in the Donbass continues to heat up. April 6th about two thousand local collaborators and Russian invaders gathered in Donetsk again to storm the building of the regional state administration. Fifteen hundred law enforcement officers handed over the room without any resistance. After the capture of RSA militants took "Declaration of Sovereignty" of Donetsk People's Republic", which was proclaimed on the territory of Donetsk region.

March 21st, 2014

Kidnapping of Nikolai Karpyuk by FSB.

Nikolai Karpyuk was arrested allegedly on March 21st, 2014 in Crimea. He was kidnapped by FSB officers who have taken out of Ukrainians in Russia. Taken prisoner is charged with gangsterism. Karpyuk can be sentenced from 12 to 20 years.

March 21st, 2014

The inclusion of Crimea to Russia, the beginning of ethnic cleansing

From 20th to 21st of March the Treaty of Accession of the peninsula into the Russian Federation was ratified by State Duma and the Council of the Federation. Thus, the Russian Federation has officially breached the Budapest Treaty, occupying the territory of Ukraine. From that moment has began an operation to assimilate the inhabitants of the Crimea, designed to destroy all Ukrainian. The population opposed aggression undergone infringement. Many Crimean Tatars were lost, killed or tortured. A great number of Crimean residents were forced to leave their homes to live in the territory, which is controlled by Ukraine.

March 16th, 2014

The death of the first military

The invaders came to the 13th photogrammetric center of the Main Directorate of the operational support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and began to dig in the strategic object. Later, the Russians stormed in this storm a sniper shot killed the ensign Sergei Kokurina.

March 13th, 2014

The first killed civilians

Patriots of Ukraine gathered in Lenin Square to hold a rally for the unity of Ukraine. The city authorities, as usual, has allowed the separatists to hold their event at the same time and in the same place. Despite calls patriots do not show aggression on the peaceful rally, people separatists threw stones and firecrackers. At the end of the action the police, who took in the Ukrainian ring, missed a large group of aggressive supporters of the "DNR". It started a real massacre. A small number of patriots, to cover the retreat of the remaining women and children were beaten with metal rods and stones, poisoned by tear gas. In the course were also knives. From penetrating stab wounds died Dmitry Cherniavsky, who was standing on the position of a unified Ukraine. According to unofficial data, the number of victims is somewhat higher. Many of those who received injuries and was hospitalized, police officers were taken to the department directly from the hospital. Patriots tortured, accused of involvement in the riots, and promised to go to jail. Similar actions were carried out by terrorists and in Lugansk. There in the pro-Russian rally March 9 was captured by State Administration. Proclamation "Luhansk People's Republic", beating the Patriots - Donbass capture scenario Russia used absolutely identical in both areas of the East of Ukraine.

March 5th, 2014

Reacquisition of RSA and clashes at meetings

On the night of March 5th security forces freed the building of "the white house" in Donetsk, but in the evening gunmen stormed back. The police guarding the premises, by the orders of management parted and allowed the separatists inside. On the same evening in Donetsk held meeting of supporters of a unified Ukraine. The peaceful demonstration turned into clashes after the Russian invaders came to the place of action. With the use of traumatic weapons, batons and pepper gas separatists staged a massacre. Number of victims of the incident are unknown.

March 3rd, 2014

RSA and hostages capture in Donetsk

March 3rd Donetsk Regional Council held a meeting, which concerned the situation in the region. The majority of deputies supported the idea of separatism. In addition, the political and law enforcement elite of the region also want to disconnect from the Ukraine. Therefore the deputies tried to find an excuse to abandon the referendum only for TV picture. However, even though officially they first decided not to conduct any election, protesters stormed the building. The deputies and journalists who were inside, were virtually held hostage by the terrorists. Then terrorists decided to let employees of print media and TV people were ordered to be sent to the session hall. Deputies were sent there too to made the decision on the referendum under the pressure of the crowd. As a result, administrative buildings invaders declared themself as the new power in the region.

March 2014

"Rocking" Donbass, war preparation

March 1st to Donetsk as well as almost to all cities in the region "titushki" had been brought from the territory of Russia, they started aggressively defend their pro-Russian position. The meeting on which Pavel Gubarev appeared and then instantly became the "people's governor" has grown into an attempt to capture the regional state administration. Because of the uncoordinated actions of the separatists they have not been able to storm the building, but later they did.

February-March 2014.

10 citizens of Ukraine ... "bloodless" the Crimea occupation

The capture of the Crimea Russia Russian security services have killed and kidnapped without a trace 10 citizens of Ukraine. 10 people, all the crimes of which consisted in the fact that they are Ukrainians with Ukrainian passport, called the Crimea Ukrainian land, and were not afraid of machines and threats of Russian military criminals.

February-March 2014. The capture of military units


Along with the capture of administrative buildings and strategically important infrastructure of the peninsula armed groups consisting of former members of the "Berkut", took the checkpoints on the Perekop isthmus and the peninsula Chongar than blocked access to the Crimea by land. On March 1st Russian President in the Federation Council introduced request for the use of armed forces in Ukraine and the Council immediately allowed Putin to fight. March 2nd Ukrainian border guards said that 10 Russian Mi-8 and Mi-24 crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border. The same evening at a military airfield Guards landed five military transport planes with paratroopers from Tula, Ulyanovsk and Pskov. Russian Airborne soldiers began grips of military facilities in the Crimea, Ukraine. So, in the evening the occupiers were hosting at the headquarters of the Azov-Black Sea regional management and Simferopol border detachment of the Border of Ukraine. They also seized control of one of the Ukrainian Air Defence divisions in the vicinity of Cape Fiolent. Military units where APU fighters and Naval Forces of Ukraine were situated were blocked by the Russian military, which put an ultimatum to surrender arms and pressured them. March 5th at the houses where Ukrainian soldiers families lived were cut off from electricity. Many military and their families were threatened. March 7th Russian soldiers broke through the gates of the military unit A-2355 with KamAZ, seized near building and then began to break through to the command of Task Force "Crimea" the Air Force of Ukraine. During the assault journalists who were filming the event were beaten and some of the military affected by the explosions of light and stun grenades. Russians used the same tactics in other military units. Confrontation was also held on the sea. Militants initially flooded several decommissioned ships in the lake Donuzlav at the entrance to the naval base in Ukraine to prevent the sailors go to sea. Gradually, the occupiers began to seize ships, despite the opposition of the Ukrainians.

February 27th, 2014

Capture of the Crimean Verkhovna Rada

At 4:20 AM, 120 soldiers of the Main Intelligence Directorate in full battle gear stormed the parliament building and the government of the peninsula. At the entrance they began to build barricades, and raised the tricolor on buildings. On the same night, armed men blocked the "Belbek" airport in Sevastopol. Center of Simferopol was captured, the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada gathered in the building forced to resignation of the current government and a militant leader of the party "Russian unity» Sergey Aksenov was appointed as the prime minister. Then the invaders declared that in the Crimea will be a referendum on accession to Russia.

February 22nd - 27th 2014

Active situation "rocking"

On February 22nd, 2014, armored vehicles with Russian troops with all markings and insignias removed had left the territory of the military base, rented by a Russian Federation, and advanced in several directions throughout the Crimean Republic blocking and taking over the strategic objects thus crudely violating international laws and agreements. The confrontations took place between aggressive pro-Russian supporters and Crimean Tatars who opposed the separation from Ukraine. During the clashes of February 26th two peaceful protesters had died. More than 20 people were beaten by Cossacks and Russian fascists.

February 20th, 2014

Start of invasion

Despite the fact that the official Kremlin says that preparations for the annexation of the Crimea operations started on February 21st, when Yanukovych fled from Mezhyhirya, transfer of military began actually on February 20th. This date is shown on the medal "For the return of the Crimea", which were awarded by the occupiers. Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine officially considers the beginning of the occupation of the peninsula was on 20th of February. From this time begins a new period of the information war. The propagandists from the stories about "fascists in Kyiv" went to the calls to be active and to show that "Crimea is Russia". So, on February 21st, supporters of the "Russian Unity" and "Russian bloc" parties together with the Cossacks began an indefinite action by the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea. Separatists and Russian citizens said that they will end their protest only when the peninsula will become a part of Russia.